Parallel sweep algorithm for solving direct and inverse problems for time-fractional diffusion equation


fractional diffusion equation
Caputo derivative
initial boundary problem
inverse problem
time-dependent right-hand part,
parallel sweep method
multicore processors


The work is devoted to construction of parallel algorithm for solving the direct initial boundary and inverse right-hand part identification problems for the time-fractional diffusion equation. Application of a priori information on the solution at the some inner point allows one to reduce the inverse problem to an initial boundary problem for the auxiliary equation. After applying the finite-difference scheme the problems are reduced to solving systems of linear algebraic equations. The developed algorithms are based on the parallel sweep method and implemented for the multicore processor using the OpenMP technology. Numerical experiments were performed to study the performance of the developed algorithms.





Parallel software tools and technologies

Author Biographies

Elena N. Akimova

Murat A. Sultanov

Vladimir E. Misilov

Yerkebulan Nurlanuly


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